Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hey guys,

I know allot of you has these questions "wheres Nicolo Nimor's Facebook account?" or "wheres Nick Automatic's Fan page?". well I'm writing these notes just to let you know that my account got disabled for no reason at all, no warning or anything. I dunno' why. It happened Morning on September 9th. I was all out shocked when my friends texted me that my accounts were no longer accessible or to be found.

So If you wanna get more updates or wanna stay in touched with the latest things happening around me and my Nick Automatic Realm, You can still contact me at twitter. Follow me on

I'm trying my best to resolve this problem and restore back my original account. If you guys wanna help me out please do, help me contact facebook to restore my account and then we can continue our journey through the world of NA and graphic cartoony stuffs and reckless posts. (rofl) I don't want to create a new account on facebook. So guys if you wanna help me please do, its really much appriciated.


Forever yours,

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  1. Hey, Nick. This is Laura Belanger. I followed the link Niche posted to get to this blog entry. I went to the help section of facebook to try to email them and help you out, but unfortunately, this is all I found:

    My friend's Facebook account is blocked or disabled.
    Unfortunately, Facebook cannot release information regarding an account to anyone but the account holder. Facebook will not take action on any appeals sent in on behalf of friends. Therefore, if your friend is disabled, then he or she will need to submit an appeal directly from his or her own login email address. Please have your friend view the Disabled section of the Help Center for detailed instructions.

    If you know of any other way I can help, please feel free to send me a DM on twitter: @rockxstarxlove

    I hope you get this resolved soon! That would totally suck if you had to recreate your accounts! >.<


    P.S. Love the art. :)